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The EU in the World

Eurostat has just released the latest edition of the publication The EU in the World. The 2015 edition provides a portrait of the EU, considered as a single entity in relation to other major economies of the world. The study compares the European Union (EU) with the 15 non-EU G-20 countries across thirteen statistical fields …
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G20 Trade and Investment Measures

The OECD, World Trade Organization and the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development have published their second combined report on G20 Trade and Investment Measures. The three organizations have called upon the G20 to resist moves toward protectionism. The report’s authors caution that the holdings acquired by governments as a response to the crisis may …
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Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics Launches Principal Global Indicators Website

The Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics has launched a new web site covering economic and financial data of the G-20 economies. Its aim is to facilitate the monitoring of economic and financial developments for these systemically important economies during the on-going financial and economic crisis. The web site is hosted by the IMF, …
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