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The great convergence: information technology and the new globalization by Richard E. Baldwin

Overview: Between 1820 and 1990, the share of world income going to today’s wealthy nations soared from twenty percent to almost seventy. Since then, that share has plummeted to where it was in 1900. As Richard Baldwin explains, this reversal of fortune reflects a new age of globalization that is drastically different from the old. …
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Winner: 2011 Thinkers50 Book Award. World 3.0: global prosperity and how to achieve it by Pankaj Ghemawat. (Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business Review Press, 2011)

Synopsis Since the financial crisis of 2008, many of us have had to reexamine our beliefs about markets and globalization. How integrated should economies really be? How much regulation is right? Many people fuse these two dimensions of choice into one, either favoring both globalization and deregulation—or opposing both of them. It doesn’t have to …
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