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Leveraged buyouts: a practical guide to investment banking and private equity by Paul Pignataro.

Overview: A comprehensive look at the world of leveraged buyouts The private equity industry has grown dramatically over the past twenty years. Such investing requires a strong technical know-how in order to turn private investments into successful enterprises. That is why Paul Pignataro has created Leveraged Buyouts + Website: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking …
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Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions by Joshua Rosenbaum, Joshua Pearl. ISBN: 9780470442203

Synopsis¬† This title is a highly accessible and authoritative book that focuses on the primary valuation methodologies currently used on Wall Street, including comparable companies, precedent transactions, DCF, and LBO analysis. These methodologies are used to determine valuation for public and private companies within the context of M&A transactions, LBOs, IPOs, restructurings, and investment decisions. …
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