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Global Employment Trends for Youth 2013

The ILO has just published the report, “Global Employment Trends for Youth 2013: A generation at risk.” The study examines the continuing job crisis affecting young people in many parts of the world. It provides updated statistics on global and regional youth unemployment rates and presents ILO policy recommendations to curb the current trends. The …
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Better Jobs for a Better Economy

The ILO has just published the “World of Work Report 2012: Better Jobs for a Better Economy.” The study provides a comprehensive analysis of recent labor market and social trends, assesses risks of social unrest and presents employment projections for the next five years. The report emphasizes that while employment has begun to recover slowly, …
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Global Employment Trends

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has just published the annual report, “Global Employment Trends 2012: Preventing a Deeper Jobs Crisis.” According to the study, the world faces the “urgent challenge” of creating 600 million productive jobs over the next decade in order to generate sustainable growth and maintain social cohesion. Moreover, the report claims that …
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