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Purpose Strength Model: Towards a Shared Purpose

One of the most effective organizational factors for achieving a strong link with stakeholders is having a relevant purpose upon which to base organizations identity and give meaning to day-to-day activities. Organizations currently face the challenge of finding management models that permit them to put this into practice and develop while centered on purpose. To …
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Women in Management: Underrepresented and Overstretched?

Despite years of gender equality legislation, men outnumber women in management positions by two to one. While structural barriers continue to impede women’s career advancement, women themselves may be deterred from becoming managers if they perceive that it would have a negative impact on their working and personal lives. What is the experience of women …
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Expanding Horizons for Risk Management in Pharma

Risk management has become a top-of-mind issue for C-suites and boards around the world—nowhere more than in pharmaceutical companies. In a politically and economically turbulent environment, the risks pharma companies face, especially in clinical-trial design and execution, drug approval, product quality, and global commercial practices, are increasing in both frequency and magnitude. The report is …
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