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Global Powers of Retailing 2012

The consultancy firm Deloitte has published jointly with Stores magazine the report “Global Powers of Retailing 2012.” Besides contrasting the total sales of the world’s 250 largest retail companies this year, the study also discusses the retail sector’s evolution, main trends and future outlook. The economic slow down, the report claims, is likely to worsen …
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Trade and Employment in the Global Crisis

The International Labour Office (ILO) and the Academic Foundation have co-published the book, “Trade and Employment in the Global Crisis”. The study analyzes how cross-border trade has served as a transmission channel, spreading the crisis to developing states. Key topics covered include how changes in trade flows affect the labor market, the role of price …
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Prices and Earnings 2008 update

The “Prices and Earnings” survey is published by economists at UBS Wealth Management Research every three years. It presents a global overview of the prices of goods and services, wages, wage deductions and working hours, and the resulting purchasing power in 71 cities on all continents. Oslo, Copenhagen, London and Dublin are the world’s most …
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