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The Future of Retail Banking

The platform economy is revolutionizing the banking sector – technology providers and FinTechs are increasingly occupying the customer interface. Retail banks must reposition themselves: Instead of the mostly universal business model they operate now, they need to decide where their future focus will lie. Will they be relationship expert, product expert or technology provider? The …
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MILLENNIALS: The Generation Reshaping Travel and Shopping Habits

Millennial travellers display significantly different travel expectations and behaviours compared to other generations. From their favourite travel destinations and preferred holiday activities, to the people they travel with and how they choose to spend their money, Millennial differences can be observed along the whole travel value chain. However, considering their large numbers and the multitude …
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Global Automotive Supplier Study 2018

The report by Lazard and Roland Berger examines the challenges for suppliers to transform their existing business models. The automotive industry has seen continuation of growth on a global scale throughout 2017. The growth does show some signs of slowing down, however, particularly in China, Europe and the US. The report is available from the …
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