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UNCTAD: Key Statistics and Trends in Trade Policy 2018

UNCTAD has recently launched the report “Key Statistics and Trends in Trade Policy 2018: Trade Tensions, Implications for Developing Countries”. During the last decade international trade has been characterized by a progressive shift in the use of trade policy instruments. Despite the trade tensions that have characterised the last year, tariffs have remained substantially stable …
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Enabling Trade Challenge

The World Economic Forum has just published “Global Enabling Trade Report 2014.” According to the study, the most successful countries in terms of enabling trade are Singapore, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. The report shows that emerging markets are still failing to implement trade reforms to help bolster the global economic recovery. Common barriers to …
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UNCTAD: Non-tariff Measures

UNCTAD has just launched the report “Non-Tariff Measures: Evidence from Selected Developing Countries and Future Research Agenda”. The study highlights the key issues of the UNCTAD initiative in collaboration with international partners in United Nations organizations and agencies, regional organizations and national governments and other partners, and provides policy and technical guidance and recommendations on …
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