Measuring Economic Uncertainty

Since January 2011 IESE’s International Center for Decision Making has published the IESE Index of Economic Uncertainty (I3E) on a monthly basis.

Prof. Miguel Angel Ariño has developed I3E to provide a quantifiable measure of uncertainty to help people make smart decisions based on data that are inherently imperfect or biased. The indicator provides objective data and enables the measurement and comparison of variables with other periods and economic contexts.

The Index is based on four key variables: the dollar/euro exchange rate, the price per barrel of Brent crude, the value of the IBEX 35 and the return on 10-year Spanish government bonds.

The data that feeds the Index comes from Thomson Reuters Datastream, which is available to the IESE Community at the Library. Datastream provides current and historical time series of macroeconomic data that is easily downloadable to Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.  The search results are returned as dynamic, refreshable objects.  That means that your data requests can be saved and refreshed within Excel without having to launch the search again – just open the Excel Spreadsheet!

The Library is pleased to collaborate on I3E by supplying the raw data. We wish I3E many more years of success!!