100 Family Enterprises That Changed the World

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The myth that family business is a thing of the past is dispelled by the authors of the book “Families that Changed the World: Family Business and Industrialization.” Prof. Josep Tàpies, holder of IESE’s Family-Owned Business Chair, and coauthors Águeda Gil and Elena San Román examine 100 family business success stories that shaped important chapters in the history of industrialization. Against the stereotype that family businesses are averse to risk and innovation, the study reveals that dynamism and innovation is deeply woven into family business DNA.

 Some of the data used to develop the study has been obtained by using the resources available at the IESE Library, in particulary the databases Orbis and Sabi. We encourage you to open your mind to the reality of family business by reading 100 Family Enterprises That Changed the World, a book jam packed with real world lessons and examples of business success.