Looking for Ownership Data?

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ORBIS and SABI are reliable sources for owner and subsidiary links worldwide. The databases are continually growing and updating the information contained. The main difference between the two databases is that ORBIS covers very large and large international companies while SABI focus on all companies located in Spain.

You can either search for ownership data by:

  1. Displaying a specific company

– From the initial search page, search for the company you want

– Display the company report by clicking on the company name

– Select “Ownership data”> “Corporate group”> “By level” on the right menu.

– Alternatively, you can click on the “Chart icons”>”Ownership structure” in the right-hand menu to view the ownership chart.

  1. Creating a set of companies regarding certain ownership criteria

– Click on “Ownership data” from the Home page and then select the criteria you want to define your search: Ultimate Owners, Company owned by…, Brands / headquarters, etc.

– Select the criteria you are interested in.

You can also find information on ownership data for public companies in Thomson One.

-Search for the company you want by entering the company name in the box on the top left

-Click on Share Ownership and select your report.

Remember that Thomson One only works on Internet Explorer.