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Enterprise is the core engine of economic growth. It’s broadly accepted that without enterprise and entrepreneurs there would be very little innovation, less productivity growth and even fewer new jobs being created. According to the management consultant and author John Hagel, entrepreneurs are people who see an opportunity to create value and are willing to take a risk to capitalize on that opportunity. They are needed in every part of the organization and in every kind of organization – not only business enterprises but also NGOs, government agencies and educational institutions.

The more successful we are at generating entrepreneurs in our society, the more dynamic our world will be, and the faster it will change, creating a need for even more entrepreneurs. In this edition of the Library Newsletter the IESE Library presents a selection of resources to help you better understand the entrepreneurial society we live in.

  • IESE & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC)

Supporting entrepreneurship

IESE Publications at IESE Insight

  • Entrepreneurship Portals

Global Entrepreneurship Research Association. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Kauffman Foundation. Entrepreneurship.org

Spain Government. Portal PYME

Ajuntament de Barcelona. Barcelona Activa. Entrepreneurship Support Info

Government of Catalonia. Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub

EC. Setting up a business in the EU

EC. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

EC. Entrepreneurship and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

EC. Enterprise Europe Network

EU. Startup Europe

  • Entrepreneurship Reports, Trends, Research & Analysis

GEM Global Report

GEM Spain 2017-2018 Report

OECD. Entrepreneurship and Business Statistics

OECD The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017: Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

WEF Entrepreneurship

OECD. Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2018: An OECD Scoreboard

EC. Annual Report on European SMEs 2016/17

OECD Entrepreneurship at a Glance

Global Entrepreneur Report from BNP Paribas

Essence of Enterprise 2017

FT.com. Understanding Entrepreneurs

IESE Library. BizKnowledge Blog – Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Companies, Market & Industry databases

Mix of company, industry, country and financial data for every major marketplace in the world.

Global market research database providing insight on industries, economies and consumers worldwide.

Immediate access to over one million statistics and facts.

Portal to information for 60 emerging markets from local and international publishers and analysts: company profiles, industry reports and M&A reports.

Accounts and contacts for 1,500,000+ public and private Spanish companies.

Global database with information on the largest 1.85 million companies worldwide (public and private).

Thomson One
Public company data and research from Thomson Financial.

  • Top Entrepreneur Journals & Magazines

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

International Small Business Journal

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Journal of Business Venturing

Journal of Entrepreneurship

Journal of International Entrepreneurship

International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research

Harvard Business Review

Strategic Management Journal


Fast Company



MIT Entrepreneurship Review

Forbes Entrepreneurs



  • Books & Articles on Entrepreneurship

Discovery. Books & Articles

IESE Library Catalog. Books & Journals

  • News on Entrepreneurship

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