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Artificial intelligence technologies are having an incremental impact in the business world as well as on our everyday lives. According to the 2019 Gartner CIO Survey, 14% of organizations employ AI and nearly 50% intend to do so by 2020. These technologies are critical to bringing about innovation, providing new business opportunities and reshaping the way companies operate.

But the rise of the AI-Powered organization is not just about technology; it’s about transforming culture. AI is reshaping the very nature of our economy and our societies, spurring sweeping changes in the labor market, data management, cross-entity collaboration, while also generating new ethical challenges for businesses. It poses risks and threats in myriad areas, including security, privacy and job stability. But it also has the potential to help businesses and governments unleash the tremendous opportunity offered by combining human and machine intelligence.

In this edition of the Library Newsletter we offer a selection of resources available on AI for the IESE Community that could be useful for better understanding the role of AI in business.

  • AI & Business Strategy

A Framework for Applying AI in the Enterprise *

Define Artificial Intelligence for Your Organization to Streamline for Success

Choose the Right Center of Excellence for Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Survey Analysis: AI and ML Development Strategies, Motivators and Adoption Challenges

RQ 2.0: Assess Your Readiness for Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy
MIT Solan Mgmt Review & Boston Consulting Group

Debunking Myths and Misconceptions about Artificial Intelligence

  • AI & Marketing

How to Use AI to Create the Customer Experience of the Future

Cool Vendors in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics

Digital Innovators: Artificial Intelligence
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  • About AI Market

HfS Blueprint Report – Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services 2018
Hfs Research

The Forrester Wave™: AI Consultancies, Q3 2019

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Report 2018

The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence (Presentation Deck)

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The European Artificial Intelligence landscape
EC. DG Connect

The 2018 AI Index report
Artificial Intelligence Index

Artificial Intelligence Joint Research Centre a European Perspective
EU Science Hub

AI Business
AI Business is the world’s content portal for artificial intelligence and its real-world applications in enterprise and the business.

  • AI and Ethics

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative
MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society.

Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI
European Comission. AI HLEG

AI Ethics: Use 5 Common Guidelines as Your Starting Point

Why Addressing Ethical Questions in AI will Benefit Organizations
Cap Gemini

The Ethics Of AI: How To Avoid Harmful Bias And Discrimination

  • AI: Future of Work, Economics & Society

How AI Can Enable a Sustainable Future
Microsoft & PWC

How We Will Work in 2028

The Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Implications for the Future of Work

The Future of Work? Work of the Future!
EC. DG Connect

The Future Society
Originally founded at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, The Future Society is an independent 501 nonprofit think-and-do tank.

  • Statistics on AI

Statista Dossier on Artificial Intelligence Worldwide

  • Literature on AI

IESE Publications on AI
IESE Insight

Articles & Books about AI
IESE Library Discovery

News on AI

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