Online Career Vital Information Sessions

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The Career Development Center equips students with the right tools, resources and mindsets to help them drive their careers forward, not only during their time at IESE but for the rest of their lives. During the coronavirus outbreak, two online Career Vital Information Sessions have been given for the first time to MBAs and MIMs to help students prepare for company interviews. The Library’s Sílvia Monsalve partnered with CDC to share our tips and tricks on how to conduct effective research on companies using the Library’s resources.

Manuella Arulnayagam, IESE Career Management and Counseling Associate Director says: “Library tools are great resources for job search and help you stand out from other candidates when answering the ‘Why this company?’ questions. They can also help you find useful information to prepare a business case interview presentation; write an outstanding cover letter; be ready for any technical interview question; and learn the art of having powerful conversations with recruiters and asking the right question at the right time. Research is key. Students are aware of the opportunity they have to tap into this rich vein of information and appreciate the support Library staff offer.”

The experience has been a success and we expect to continue offering online training in the future. We wish all the participants the best of luck in their interviews!!