The Logic of Gift – Making Sense in Business and Management

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Diego Arias recently defended his dissertation, “The Logic of Gift – Making Sense in Business and Management“. The dissertation aims to study how gift-giving is integrated within management and its implications for business. For this purpose, Diego first built a morally-based taxonomy of three categories and eight types of gift-giving from Aquinas’ moral object of the action. Second, he studied how the gift and exchange interplay in corporate giving through a single case study, the alliance between the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization (GAVI) and La Caixa. Third, he investigated the relationship between team performance and gift-giving, using data from the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The IESE Library has played an important role in his dissertation thanks to the access it has granted him to different books in other libraries associated with IESE Library. Also, it provided training and technical support on using different software to organize his references, such as Mendeley, and manage his qualitative data, such as Atlas TI. In addition, the IESE Library gave him access to an extensive collection of articles and journals. Congratulations to Diego on his Ph.D. and we wish him success in all of his future endeavors!