Factiva Expert Searches

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Looking for news on topics or subjects that are hard to find? Factiva can help you with its “Factiva Expert Searches” tool (FES). The tool consists of pre-defined search strings created by Factiva search experts to find implicit topics and subjects that are often difficult for many users to write searches on their own.

The categories include Competitive Intelligence, Energy (Sustainable), ESG/ Investment Stewardship, News Sentiment, People Search, Reputation Risk, Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Social Topics, Tax and Accounting, Trending Topics and Venture Capital.

We want to highlight the Trending Topics category that focuses on new topics that are currently trending in the news. Searches are available in multiple languages and updated as new topics emerge.

How to run a Factiva Expert Searches query?
1. Go to Factiva
2. Select “Search builder” from the Factiva “Search” Tab.
3. Click on the triangle next to the “Factiva Expert Search” option located in the indexing filters menu on the left side of the screen.
4. Select the FES of your choice. Click the Plus (+) sign in front of a search title to view available languages for the search.
5. Select other options to narrow your search: date range, region, industry, sources, keywords, etc.
6. When you have finalized your strategy, click the Search button to view your results.