Deal Sourcing

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Pitchbook allows you to quickly build a list of targeted companies that are a strong strategic fit for your investment preferences.

Go to Pitchbook (click on Log in and then click on Login with SSO – use your IESE email). In the “Screeners” section click on “Companies & Deals” for valuation and multiples data, or click on “Investors & Funds” to find out who has already invested in your target companies, then click on “Search”.

Select “Pivot Table” from the top menu to aggregate the data and spot trends in the market.

Save your search by clicking on the “Save” button so you can jump back to it at any time, and set alerts to notify you when a company on the list goes through a new financing event, or when a new company qualifies for the list based on the criteria you selected.

Access your saved searches any time from the sidebar. My Pitchbook> Saved Searches.