A Month of Enriching Partnerships

IESE Africa Initiative just concluded a month of enriching exchanges and collaborations with two of its Associate Schools in Africa: Nigeria based Lagos Business School (LBS) and Strathmore Business School (SBS) based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Just as every year, in the second half of September and in the first week of October, we hosted senior executives participating on LBS and SBS executive programs at our campus in Barcelona for one-week modules.  These programs offered a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the vibrant academic, business and cultural environment of IESE, engaging in discussions that showcased the dynamic nature of global business practices.

One of IESE’s core values lies in its dedication to fostering global partnerships and driving impactful change through a values-based, human-centric, and mission-driven leadership development.  With that spirit, IESE played a critical role in the establishment and growth of three business schools in Africa – LBS, SBS, and MDE Business School in Ivory Coast – and it is always a pleasure to welcome their participants on campus and witness first-hand their growth, reach and impact in their respective markets.

IESE’s involvement in the establishment of these institutions goes beyond conventional academic partnerships. It embodies a dual mission of enhancing and supporting the growth of a values-based leadership development in Africa; and cultivating a true partnership to generate and disseminate knowledge to our global audience on managerial excellence, innovation and sustainable business practices on the continent that is bound to become the next growth epicenter of the world.

In addition to hosting their Advanced Management Program and Executive MBA participants, we were also honored to welcome the Deans of both Lagos Business School and Strathmore Business School.  It was a wonderful opportunity to engage in strategic discussions on strengthening our collaboration to better deliver on our common mission.

We renewed our partnership with the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SBS and IESE, which marked a significant expansion of our collaborative efforts.  The MOU encompasses various facets of collaboration, including alumni engagement, research initiatives, and faculty development emphasizing the shared commitment to advancing academic excellence on the continent and bridging the knowledge gap on the continent for both local and global business leaders.

In summary, IESE’s visionary collaboration with LBS, SBS, and MDE Business School exemplifies its dedication to global education, sustainable growth, and transformative partnerships. By fostering these alliances, IESE is nurturing a holistic understanding of the African business landscape, empowering African institutions, and promoting inclusive global growth. As the world navigates an ever-evolving global business landscape, IESE remains committed to being a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and positive change, creating a better future for all.