The International Center for Decision Making, ICDM, is a research institute whose goal is to promote research, education and service to companies, businessmen and managers in the Decision Making field.


Regarding research, the Center aims to be a meeting point for researchers around the world, mainly from business schools, who are interested in exchanging viewpoints, participating in common research projects and disseminating the research findings. It is a Center where companies, businessmen and executives can learn about the research being conducted in the Decision Making field, as well as to suggest topics of research and study.


In the field of Education, the Center offers short focused courses on specific topics on decision making. The Center also organizes individual sessions about different topics on the decision making field as well as discussion sessions where academics and managers debate on specific issues of interest.

Services to companies and managers

One of the objectives of the Center is to close the existing gap between academia and the business world. The Center should serve to facilitate companies to benefit from the studies on decision making developed by academics. Additionally, companies can suggest topics of their interest to be researched by scholars. Companies can also address to the Center and its associated researchers to ask for specific tasks. The goal is mutual benefit for both, companies and the academic world.

The Center starts as such in 2010 bunching together a set of activities of professors and researchers, expecting to call the interest of other researchers, companies, businessmen and managers, with the aim of becoming an effective reflection forum in the decision making field.

The International Center for Decision Making starts with the following activities:

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