The Essential Financial Toolkit

This book is designed to help executives and students get to grips with some of the basic financial tools, quickly and easily.

Whether you have never been exposed to finance at all, have learned some but not properly, or just need to refresh your memory, this engaging little book will soon have you up to speed with the fundamental concepts, enabling you to confidently apply them.

The ten, easy-to-read chapters are presented in a Question and Answer format, following the dialogue between a “Witty Professor” and an “Insightful Student.” The Student asks all the burning questions on your behalf and the friendly explanations are intended to make you feel as if you have the instructor right there in front of you.

No prior knowledge of finance is necessary in order to enjoy and benefit from this book – intuition and applications take the front seat, math and models the back seat. Essential tools such as mean returns, volatility, correlation, beta, P/Es, yields, NPV, IRR, and many others are illustrated in chapters that are short, engaging, easy to read, and illustrated with real-world examples.