The FT Guide to Understanding Finance

Even the best read and informed financial professionals will forget some financial concepts, and others may not have learned them properly in the first place. Some may want to broaden the scope of their financial knowledge and others may want a desktop companion for quick and practical help in applying the tools and techniques of finance to their everyday work.

If there is a financial concept that you find hard to understand, easy to forget, or necessary to apply with confidence, The Financial Times Guide to Understanding Finance gives you all the information you need.

Whether you are an executive or a student, beginner or expert, this book is designed to explain and illustrate the working essentials of finance with clarity and speed.

The FT Guide to Understanding Finance deliberately combines essential theory with real-world application, using short, focused chapters to help you find what you need and implement right away. Originally published as Finance in a Nutshell, this new edition includes: Full coverage of risk and return including CAPM, the three-factor model, and risk-adjusted returns; stocks and bonds including versions of the DCF model, reverse valuation, relative valuation, and issues related to fixed-income securities, pricing, and sources of risk; case studies and examples from companies such as Apple, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, and Johnson & Johnson.