An Ode to Jamón y Queso

Jamón y queso, humble though you might seem,

You’ve been by my side through this MBA dream.

When 8.15 class left me no time to cook,

T’was but to the cafeteria I had to look

And know that for me you would always be there

Beckoning to me, showing you care.

Crunchy and delicious, just pure satisfaction,

No other snack could elicit this reaction.

Your sustenance got me through many long days

When all hope was lost and my thoughts were a haze.

Though you might have been forsaken for some fair weather friends

You stayed loyal to me till the bitter end.

I love you jamón y queso, and my love will stay true,

Though I might have put on some pounds thanks to you.

And once I leave these shores I’ll think back and recall

How you really were there for me through it all.

Writer’s note: In all seriousness, consider this poem a tribute to our amazing cafeteria staff, who always had a smile for us on the busiest of days, and first introduced me to the wonders of jamon y queso. Thank you all!

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MBA Student - Class of 2015

One comment

  1. Dear Rhea,
    “Although you disappeared from my Spanish Second Year class….”
    He, he…no, I am not writing a poem on such a topic…
    With your permission, I will make sure people at the cafetería get this little piece of art.
    Thanks for being so creative!
    See you at the Graduation ceremony!

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