EBSCOhost Persistent Links

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Need to create a stable link to connect to a specific full-text article or to re-run a search?
Follow these steps:

  • To copy a persistent link to an article:
    1. From an open article in any EBSCOhost database the Library subscribes to , click Permalink in the Tools menu on the right.
    2. Use your browser’s copy and paste functionality to copy the link from the Permalink window and paste it into an email, web page, etc.
  • To e-mail a persistent link to an article:
    1. From an open article, click E-mail in the Tools menu.
    2. In the E-mail Manager, make your selections. Persistent links to articles are automatically included in the e-mail.
    3. Click on Send. A message is displayed. Click on Continue.
    4. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that is entered. The e-mail will contain the subject and instructions for pasting the link into your web page.
  • To copy a persistent link to a search:
    1. Click the “share” link at the top of your Result List.
    2. Highlight the link text in the Permalink box and copy it using your browser’s copy function. You can immediately paste the link into a web site, document or e-mail.

Remember! Only authorized users can access the full-text article. When users follow the hyperlink from a web page, they will be asked to input authentication information.

Persistent Links will not expire as long as the content is available in the database.