Zombie Credit and (Dis-)Inflation: Evidence From Europe (The Journal of Finance, 79(3), 1883-1929, 2024)
(with Viral V. Acharya, Matteo Crosignani, and Tim Eisert)

Domestic Financial Conditions and MNCs’ Global Competitiveness: Evidence from the Swiss Franc Shock (Journal of International Business Studies, online-first)
(with Andrej Gill and Florian Hett)

Whatever It Takes: The Real Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy (The Review of Financial Studies, 32(9), 3366-3411, 2019)
(with Viral V. Acharya, Tim Eisert, and Christian Hirsch)

Interbank Networks and Backdoor Bailouts: Benefiting From Other Banks’ Government Guarantees (Management Science, 65(8), 3673-3693, 2019)
(with Tim Eisert)

Real Effects of the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe: Evidence From Syndicated Loans (The Review of Financial Studies, 31(8), 2855-2896, 2018 – Editor’s choice)
(with Viral V. Acharya, Tim Eisert, and Christian Hirsch)

Incentive-Based Capital Requirements (Management Science, 63(12), 4101-4113, 2017)
(with Andrej Gill)

Working Papers

Concentrating on Bailouts: Government Guarantees and Bank Asset Composition
(with Juan Pablo J. Gorostiaga and Björn Richter)
EFA 2023, EEA 2023, 30th Finance Forum, MadBarWorkShop 2023, FMA 2023

Breaking Bagehot’s Rules: Loan Contracting with Advantageous Central Bank Funding
(with Zhiqiang Ye)
Deutsche Bundesbank and HU Berlin Conference on Markets and Intermediaries  2024, CEBRA 2024, 30th Finance Forum

How Do Supply Shocks to Inflation Generalize? Evidence From the Pandemic Era in Europe
(with Viral V. Acharya, Matteo Crosignani, and Tim Eisert)
WFA 2024, EFA 2024, Yale Supply Chain Workshop 2024, Banco de Portugal and CEPR Conference on Financial Intermediation 2024, CEPR Paris Symposium 2023

Green Banking Illusion? The Influence of “Eco-Conscious” Bank Shareholders on Credit Allocation 
(with Adrian Böhm, Igor Kadach, and Yuki Sakasai)
R&R at the Journal of Corporate Finance

Work in Progress

Zombie Firms and Corporate Governance
(with Viral V. Acharya, Matteo Crosignani, and Tim Eisert)

Banking on Bailouts: How Public Guarantees Affect Loan Contracts and Borrower Investments
(with Juan Pablo J. Gorostiaga and Zhiqiang Ye)

Unholy Trinity: Bailout Guarantees, Fixed Wages, and Capital Regulation
(with Teng Huang)

Goodnight Zombies? Evidence from Changes in Credit Loss Provisions
(with Guillermo Ramirez and Yuki Sakasai)