Now it’s SIR Ollie!

The Times of London told us on Friday, 13 September that Ollie Robbins, now Sir Oliver Robbins, who led the official talks on Mrs May’s deal, is alive and well in his Whitehall office. Indeed, it seems that Boris Johnson wants him included in his current team negotiating with the EU.

Strange, you think, why Robbins is being asked to go to Brussels by a government that opposed all of Mrs May’s efforts (which, of course, Robbins had negotiated on behalf of the government) to reach an agreement with the EU.

Seemingly, Robbins, one of the tallest men in the British Civil Service, was knighted in this year Mrs May’s resignation honours list. The Independent newspaper reported some time ago that Robbins was keen to move on and was considering leaving the Civil Service to take a job in the City. Obviously Robbins has delayed his departure for some reason.

But the question that remains for us is, ‘What is Boris Johnson planning behind the scenes in bringing back this pro European Union ‘Remainer’ into his team?’

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