French Elections: Promises and More Promises!

We have a new French president and we have a new set of promises. These promises range from supporting the status quo in the European Union right across to supporting the French Welfare state. What are we to make of Mr. Macron’s extraordinary group of promises, many of them clearly contradictory, from this former socialist […]

Brexit: A Problematic Divorce

Mrs. May is on her way to the post office with an important letter to post to the European Union (EU) informing them that the United Kingdom is filing for a divorce. The content of her letter is likely to be based on her Lancaster House speech delivered in January of this year. On receipt […]

Can We Trust the Words We Hear or Read?

Do you know who the sophisticates are? Well let me explain. In the United Kingdom, we have the ruling government Conservative grandees, whom I call the sophisticates. Why such a fancy name, you may ask? It is because while they often speak attractively, they do so in a language and a context which can be […]