50 Reasons to Love the IESE MBA

As the final six months of the MBA are upon us, I find that I have a lot of things to be grateful for this past year. Being at IESE has been one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my life, and while it’s had its ups and downs, it’s definitely the good times that come to mind when I think about how this year has flown. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are 50 reasons why I love the IESE MBA.

1. My team – through good and bad, they’ve always stuck by me, and it’s been great getting to know every one of them.

50 Reasons to Love the IESE MBA

2. The chicas at the MBA Office. Where would we be without you?

3. Those greedy little turtles at the Turtle Pond.

4. Café con leche – your sole means of survival on a day-to-day basis.

5. Basking on the terrace when it’s sunny outside.

6. Saying “hi” to everyone in the lounge, the meeting place where work never gets done.

7. The “secret” garden next to the IESE chapel – one of IESE’s loveliest little jewels.

8. Summer days relaxing on the steps or on the grass.

50 Reasons to Love the IESE MBA

9. Contact lenses for chickens. If you have to ask, then you don’t know.

10. The professors at in the department of Business Spanish – never met a nicer group of people.

11. Pizza delivery – makes exam time studying oh-so-much better.

12. DAT feeling when there’s crema catalana for dessert.

50 Reasons to Love the IESE MBA

13. Catching a glimpse of everyone’s Hollywood side during the shooting of the leadership videos.

14. Experiencing the Japanese sake tasting dinner – such organization. Much wow.

50 Reasons to Love the IESE MBA

15. Cheap flights to ANYWHERE in Europe. #SecondYear

16. Colors of autumn on campus. Oh so beautiful.

50 - 16

17. The diversity of mafias – Spanish, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian, etc.

18. MultiCulti – the greatest celebration of diversity (and alcohol) ever known to MBAs.

50 - 18

19. The LEGO simulation. Who is the bottleneck in the process?

20. Voting for a new COW every week – “I don’t like pepinos.”

50 Reasons to Love the IESE MBA

21. Feeling the twinge of pride every time I see the global MBA rankings.

22. Our MBA Committee, tirelessly working to make this MBA a great experience for everyone.

23. Epic guest speakers every month!

24. Learning about “cutting the woman in two” in Managerial Accounting and how to “hold your horses, campeón!” in Operations Management. Well, most quotes by our professors, anyway.

25. That feeling when you hit Submit on the ABP report. Awwww yeah.

26. Indian food in the cafeteria!

27. The post-exam beer celebrations of the first year.

28. Indulging in Ben and Jerry’s when you want to give yourself a treat.

29. The silence of the library for reading or taking a quick nap.

30. The magnificent panoramic view of Barcelona from the North Campus.

50 Reasons to Love the IESE MBA

31. The feverish excitement of interview weeks following the Career Forum.

32. Seeing hungover faces on Friday mornings in class and knowing who went to BoW the night before.

33. Salad Ejecutiva – the secret treasure of the North Campus menu.

34. Hearing a mix of languages in and around campus everyday and secretly wishing you could speak them all.

35. Watching our sports team kick butts at inter-school competitions!

36. The IESE backpack – enough compartments to organize the most cluttered of lives!

37. Our incredibly intelligent and amazing faculty – every professor with his or her signature quote, teaching style, and awesomeness factor.

38. The meeting rooms with a view.

39. The fact that every person here has such an awesome hidden talents and interests – musicians, artists, chefs, dancers, photographers and more!

40. Teambuilding Day – watching everyone’s ingenuity in the egg drop task.

41. Our school logo – one of the sharpest and coolest-looking ones around!

42. Writing the newsletter and being amazed every week by the amount going on.

43. Being a good person, with some help and awesomeness from the Social Action and Responsible Business Clubs.

44. Section A’s Movember awesomeness.

50 Reasons to Love the IESE MBA

45. The hilarity that ensued at the well-meaning boat party.

46. Getting “random” days off to enjoy Spanish holidays and celebrations!

47. Watching everyone’s inner Bollywood god erupt at the Diwali party.

48. When everyone comes to school looking sharp, dressed in suits.

49. Freebies at the Career Forum. #YouKnowYouDidIt

50. Knowing that no matter what, where and how – I’ve met an amazing group of people, made a number of lifelong friendships, and lived an experience I will never forget!

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