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In this post, Jessica Fallon (Class of 2017), current student president of the Social Action Club shares her motivation for joining the club and its plans for the new year.

When I think back to what inspired me to take a leadership role in the Social Action Club, immediately I think back to the first volunteer event I attended with the club. It was a Saturday in October 2015 when the club took 40 kids from Soñar Despierto to Barcelona’s Tibidabo Amusement Park.

This event was memorable for two main reasons. The first was the kids. These kids had so much energy! They were shy are first, especially because my Spanish-speaking skills were ‘básico’. But soon the kids opened up, they were running around, wanting to hold your hands and simply wanted to be friends.

The second reason was the timing. The Monday after the event was the due date of the midterm paper for our Analysis of Business Problems class. Most first year students remember the many hours they spent in front of their laptop that weekend crunching the numbers, debating what to write and trying to figure out the best way to add exhibits.

So, did the timing help make writing the paper any easier? Certainly not. But it did help remind me that no matter how busy our professional lives get, if we’re in a position to offer care, it’s important to care for those in need.

And this is what the Social Action Club’s aim is. We aim to find moments, even during the busyness of the MBA, to give IESE students the opportunity to care. Most recently, we organized a Christmas Present Drive with the help of the MBA Office and I’m proud that we were able to gift presents to 101 children in-need this holiday season.

So what’s next for the Social Action Club? We are excited for 2017! On Saturday March 18th, the club will host its first ever Social Day. Our goal is to get 200 people from the IESE community investing 5 hours into the community for a total of 1,000 volunteer hours invested. We are working hard to source different volunteer opportunities around Barcelona for this big day. We invite everyone to mark your calendars and stay tuned for the event!

Christmas presents collected by Social Action Club for 101 children in-need

Christmas presents collected by Social Action Club for 101 children in-need

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