On September 5th, the MBA Office welcomed 356 first year students from 64 countries to the IESE South Campus for orientation week. They were very excited to finally begin their MBA journey that for many started two years ago when they first started researching schools.

Prithi ” It has suddenly hit me that I’m back at school. This entire week has been a whirlwind of new faces, new buildings, fresh new rooms (hello Section E!) and of course… new cases. While the information exchange has been overwhelming, it’s comforting to know that I’m traipsing along this adventure together with the rest of the first-years. ” says Prithi Balaji.

As part of orientation week, the consulting club also had their kick off meeting, where they educated interested students about the consulting industry and the recruitment process for internships and full time roles. The Consulting Club Presidents, Enrique González Dueñas (MBA 2017)  and Pau Puigpelat (MBA 2017) also shared their experiences in their internship in the Boston Consulting Group and working fullIMG_4457 time for McKinsey&Company, respectively. Patrick Wallen, Associate Director of Career Services and Head of Consulting Recruitment in IESE, gave valuable advice to students regarding the importantance of preparing early for the interview and the networking events surrounding the upcoming October career forum.



If you would like to see other first impressions directly from the class of 2018 during their first week of class, visit our FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Associate Director, IESE MBA Admissions


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