Strategey & Geopolitics

Strategy & Geopolitics is a 20 session course that covers the basic principles of geopolitics and then look at different parts of the world including Europe and Latin America, China, India and East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to looking at such issues from a regional or country level, the course also explores the implication for specific businesses in order to draw out a sector level view for the students.

The course methodology consists mainly of double class sessions in which the first session focuses on the region or country and the second drills down to the reality of a specific company in that country or region.

The conceptual framework for the course comes out of my book on the topic, Strategy & Geopolitics while much of the discussion comes from students who come from the different parts of the world discussed in the course and by having students work in groups to discuss controversial topics during class each week.

Students are expected to read extensive preparation material for each double session as well as follow up on links provided and perform their own analysis at both the country/regional level and the company level for every session.