Other Topics of Interest

In addition to discussing business strategy, environmental sustainability, and geopolitics, I also teach, write, and lecture on the following topics:

  • Making the Matrix Work – A realistic assessment of the role that matrix management has in many corporations and how managers can draw on leadership principles to survive and prosper in the matrix
  • Scenario Planning and developing a strategy for the long term – I have been running workshops with Sr. Managers and MBA students on the future of the world and different industries since the late 1990s.
  • The Future of Media – This material has been developed from my experience as Academic Director of IESE’s Advanced Management Program for Media and Entertainment which we have been running in New York City since 2010. The line of research has led to a book that I co-edited titled “Managing Media Businesses” published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018.
  • Total Business – Is an analogy for business taken from the style of play first developed by Rinus Michels for the Dutch national football team and lately practiced by the Barcelona Football Club with trainer Pep Guardiola and continued under the leadership of Xavi Fernandez
  • The Future of the Automotive Industry – How electrification and autonomous driving might affect one of the World’s largest and most important industries


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