Recent Presentations

Compliance as adding value opportunity, IAE Conference on Corporate Compliance, Buenos Aires, October 2019

Hybridization and Organizational Structuring, AOM Annual Conference, 2019

Scuola Carabinieri Forestali, Sustainability and IP protection, Castelvolturno, 2019

EGOS Conference, organizer of the “social innovation” track, 2018

Social Innovation and Organizational Responsibility, First IESE-LUISS Conference, Rome, April 2017

Organized Crime and Economic Efficiency, SMS Conference Extension 2016, Milan

Values Work in a New Hybrid Organization, The 12th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference, New York, November 2015

Ethics and Economics of Fraud in Mafia Cultures, LUISS University, Rome, March 2014

Ethics and responsibility in engineering design and technology management, January 2014

Trust and parochialism in a culture of crime, HEC Lausanne, October 2013

The economic impact of mafia culture, ETH, Zurich, October 2013

Hybrid Organization and Social Innovation, 25 January 2013, Trento (Italy)

Social Innovation in Africa, 14-18 January 2013, Nairobi (Kenya)

Organizational Orientation and the adoption of CSR: Symbolic, Selective and Substantial?, SBE Conference, August 2012, Boston

Operationalizing Values into Action: Social Enterprises and Hybrid Organizations, Lismullin Center, April 2012, Dublin.

Educational Approach against a culture of fraud and deception, United Nation PRME Annual Meeting, November 2011, Buenos Aires.

In Praise of Duality: Why Ethical Contexts demands markets and community elements (with Miguel Piña e Cunha and Armenio Rego), EBEN AC 2011, September 2011, Antwerp

Empirical Perspectives on Workplace Behavior, Society for Business Ethics Conference, August 2011, San Antonio, Texas

Innovation for Neglected Diseases, Academy of  Management Annual Meeting, August 2011, San Antonio, Texas

Transparency and Symbolic Management: New Challenges for social enterprises, May 2011, EURICSE, Italy

Be bribed or not? That’s the dilemma, EBEN AC, September 2010, Trento, Italy

The Ethics of Information Disclosure: The Catholic Social Teaching Perspective, SBE Annual Conference, August 13-15 2010, Montreal.

Corporate Transparency: Perspectives from Catholic Social Teaching, EBEN RC, June 14-16 2010, Tampere, Finland

Information Disclosure and the Catholic Social Teaching, The 16th International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society,  IESE Business School, University of Navarra • May 13-15, 2010 – Barcelona, Spain

Paying or not Paying? Dynamic Transparency and the fight against Mafia Extorsionists, September 9-11, 2010, Trento,  Italy

Corporate Transparency and Environmental Behavior, Presented at the EBEN RC, Israel, June 2009.

Corporate Transparency and NGOs: An Empirical Analysis, Presented at the SBE Conference, Chicago, August, 2009.

Corporate Transparency and Pro-Environmental Behavior, Presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, August, 2009.

The Ethics of Corporate Transparency in the Aquinas’ Ethical system, Presented at the EBEN RC, Israel, June 2009.

Dynamic Transparency: A new ethical imperative? at the Society for Business Ethics Conference, August 5 2008, Anaheim, California.

Dynamic Transparency: The new ICT-driven ethics? at the Academy of Management Conference, Anaheim, California, August 8, 2008.

Transparency: An IT-driven research?”  at the 15th International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society, IESE School of Business, Barcelona,  16-17 May 2008.