Is the word ‘populist’ an insult?

  The word ‘populism’ seems to appear practically every day in the media. Indeed, the media appears to spend an inordinate amount of time on what they consider is the ‘populist’ rhetoric of Donald Trump. At times they do speak of other populist personalities, especially those in countries like Poland and Hungary, but mainly it’s […]

Ceremonial and “Special Occasion” type Speeches (1)

Many speeches, especially political type speeches, follow Pericles’ “Funeral  Oration”.23 These pathos-based speeches are called Ceremonial or Epideictic speeches as they heavily rely on pathos for effect. Some writers have called them ‘special occasion’ or ‘neck-tie’ speeches. They differ from the ‘visionary’ speeches in that a visionary message is something that doesn’t exist at the […]