Holistic Growth and Global Impact beyond the Career Leap, Kiki Sudechawongsakul MBA 23

Name: Kiki (Rattika) Sudechawongsakul

Nationality: Thai

Pre-MBA: Nielsen, Thailand

Post-MBA: McKinsey and Company, Qatar

As I reflect on my transformative journey at IESE Business School, gratitude fills me for the diverse experiences of the past two years. While the traditional MBA path often involves a triple jump—industry, function, and geography—I’ve come to realize that my IESE experience transcends this leap, focusing on holistic growth, profound connections, and invaluable lessons that have shaped both my professional and personal journey.

A Professional Odyssey

Stepping into the MBA program, my sights were set on a career in consulting. Yet, the path ahead was far from straightforward, especially as I had few role models with a similar background. Determination became my guiding light. What truly stands out from this phase is the overwhelming support I received from my classmates, seniors, and alumni. Countless mock interviews and candid feedback sessions strengthened my resolution.

Participation in multiple case competitions at IESE provided me the platform to apply the knowledge I’d gained in real-world scenarios. Engaging in constant conversations with peers about their interview experiences, combined with leveraging the abundant resources offered by the school’s Career Development Center and clubs, proved to be instrumental. The recipe for success, I discovered, involved meticulous practice and a deep understanding of both the fit and technical interview aspects.

A Personal Voyage of Discovery

Within the vibrant community of IESE, my horizons broadened not only professionally but also personally.  Student clubs like the Consulting Club and Responsible Business Club connected me with visionary CEOs and professionals, enabling me to nurture my passion for moderation. Moderating panels in our biggest student conferences like ‘Doing Good Doing Well’ and ‘Women in Business’ left an indelible imprint on my career vision.

Moderating at the Blue Oceans Panel at the “Doing Good Doing Well” Event, March 2022

Extracurricular activities and the spirit of giving back deserve emphasis. The school, a reflection of its students, encouraged our involvement and to enhance our MBA experiences beyond the classroom. From moderating discussions on climate tech with world experts to organizing the Arcano 12th Impact Investing Competition, these activities pushed my limits and enriched my learning.

Engaging in treks like the Nairobi Module, where we explored Kenya as a united group of MBA students, expanded my understanding of global business practices and their impact on diverse communities. This experience underlined the significance of my role as a global citizen in making meaningful business decisions. 

Travelling with friends in Masai Mara, Kenya after the Nairobi Module, January 2023

Embracing a Global Mosaic

IESE’s global character, coupled with its intimate class size, fosters genuine connections. A testament to this is my ability to recall the names of nearly 90% of my cohort. This intimacy shattered my lifelong questions about my identity as an individual born in Thailand to Indian parents, educated in British and American systems. At IESE, I discovered that our shared values go beyond nationality, fostering a sense of unity founded on the spirit of service.

From esteemed professors to accomplished alumni and fellow students, we seamlessly wove ourselves into a tightly knit community. This sense of family transcends borders and backgrounds. Today, my closest friends are from Argentina, the UK, South Africa, and Australia, a testament to the universality of the IESE experience which I am so grateful for.

Gratitude and the Road Ahead

In retrospect, IESE is where ambitions thrive, opportunities flourish, and friendships prosper. Guided by the unyielding support of the IESE community, my growth is a fusion of achievements and setbacks.

To future MBA seekers: leap boldly, dream expansively, and aim higher.

As I transition from IESE’s classrooms, I carry not only academic recognition but also enduring knowledge and connections that will shape my future. Beyond the leap lies the true journey, and I’m thankful to IESE for illustrating that the boundaries of possibility expand when we dream beyond convention.

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  1. I must say it is a thought-provoking read that underscores the importance of personal development and social responsibility alongside professional success. Embracing a holistic approach to growth and striving for a global impact can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. This blog post serves as a valuable reminder to prioritize our personal development and contributions to the greater good.

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