An IESE Entrepreneur’s Journey: How I co-founded

Are entrepreneurs born or made (in business schools)? The word ‘entrepreneur’, was first coined by Richard Cantillon, an Irish-French economist, in his book Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général (written around 1730!), where he defines entrepreneurs as non-fixed income earners, risk-bearers and people that brought equilibrium to the market by correctly predicting consumer preferences….

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My Startup Life: IESE’s Summer Entrepreneurship Experience (S.E.E)

Each summer IESE offers the Summer Entrepreneurship Experience (S.E.E.), a unique alternative to a traditional corporate internship allowing entrepreneurially-minded students to test the entrepreneurial career path and develop their own startup project through a full-time, practical, team-based program. During the S.E.E., students immerse themselves in their own idea-stage startup for 10 weeks, and by the…