Winners of the Roland Berger Case Competition!

As some of you (and, hopefully, all of you) know, IESE hosted the 21st Roland Berger Case Competition this weekend. It was two intense days of analysis, coaching sessions, client interviews and slide crunching that concluded with all teams delivering excellent presentations and high-quality recommendations worthy of top MBA schools. However, as competitions go, there was only one winner.

I am, indeed, very happy to share with all of you that IESE’s team of Mridula, Vidya, Becca and Matt are the winners of 21st Roland Berger Case Competition.

IESE MBA - Roland Berger Case Competition

The journey was long and treacherous. During the semi-finals round, IESE’s team was in a 3-way ‘battle’ with HKUST and Kellogg. Emerging victorious on the basis of their grounded-in-reality recommendations, we had a cracking all-European final round against our rivals across the English Channel: LBS. LBS was a worthy opponent, equipped with a beautiful presentation showcasing a MECE Framework, a well-defined strategy and action plan.

However, Mridula’s exceptional communication skills convinced the client’s CEO himself of the 5-year strategy plan. Vidya navigated the tricky waters of  (from what I hear) some not-completely-accurate financials like a pro, Matt showcased subject matter expertise that impressed even a veteran of the industry, and Becca closed the Q&A with a brilliant answer to IESE’s winning presentation with a HAM.

IESE MBA - Roland Berger Case Competition

And as they say, the rest is history.

Please join the entire Consulting Club in congratulating the IESE team for their phenomenal success!

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