Introduction to Strategy

The Introduction to Strategy Module is often included in Custom Programs where it is essential for participants to be able to understand and discuss their own company strategy and also when the degree of exposure to business strategy differs greatly within the overall group. This is often the case when combining Managers from different functions as even very senior people from certain technical or operational areas may have had very little exposure to business strategy as an academic discipline.

The module uses a case study, often Harvard’s Apple 2015 case, to illustrate a number of strategic concepts including:

  • Analysis of industry structure (M. Porter)
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Willingness to Pay & Value Added
  • The Resource View of the firm
  • The Value Chain
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Core Competence (Prahalad & Hamel)
  • The Delta Model (A. Hax)
  • Value Innovation / Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim & Mauborge)

The module is best used when combined with a presentation on the firm’s strategy presented by the CEO or a member of the executive committee and can also be combined with a number of group activities.

The overall purpose of the module is to build buy-in and commitment to a firm’s strategy by working with the Mangers who must defend and implement it to fully understand the logic behind the strategy.

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