IESE Business School – University of Navarra (Professor)

Corporate Finance: MBA (Spring 2009 to present)

Corporate Finance: EMBA (Spring 2010 to present)

Finance: AMP, PDD and PDG, Executive Education Open Programs (Spring 2009 to present)

Real Estate: MBA (Winter 2017 to present)

Corporate Finance Executive Education Program (Spring 2010 to present)

International Real Estate Executive Education Program (Spring 2015 to present)

In-company and Custom Programs for firms in the following industries: financial, distribution, food and beverages, and logistics (2008 to present)

Operational Finance: MBA (Winter 2013 to Winter 2015)


Haas School of Business – UC Berkeley (Visiting Professor)

Real Estate Finance and Securitization – MBA283 / EWMBA283. Fall 2019


Haas School of Business – UC Berkeley (Teaching Assistant)

Asset-backed Securities Markets – MFE230M. Spring 2008. Prof. Dwight Jaffee and Nancy Wallace

Real Estate and Urban Land Economics – EWMBA280. Fall 2006. Prof. Robert Edelstein

The Financial Management of Real Estate Resources – UGBA183. Fall 2005. Prof. Dwight Jaffee and Nancy Wallace

Real Estate Financing – MBA283. Fall 2005. Prof. Dwight Jaffee


Cases, Teaching Notes, and Technical Notes

Volkswagen AG: Valuation in 2009 (A). IESE Publishing Case F-845-E

Volkswagen AG: Valuation in 2009 – Teaching Note. IESE Publishing FT-82-E

Volkswagen AG: Valuation in 2009 (B). IESE Publishing Case F-899-E

Contra Costa Shopping Mall. IESE Publishing Case F-865 (in Spanish)

Calculating Synergies from a Merger. IESE Publishing FN-585 (in Spanish)

Mara Tower in Nairobi Kenya. IESE Publishing Case F-0875-E

Formulas Involved in WACC Calculations – Technical Note. IESE Publishing FN-604-E

Corporate Finance Questions. Topics: Project Evaluation. IESE Publishing FN-624-E

Corporate Finance Questions. Topics: Financing and Cost of Capital. IESE Publishing FN-626-E

Corporate Finance Questions. Topics: Valuation Methods. IESE Publishing FN-625-E

Multiples in Firm Valuation. IESE Publishing FN-628-E

Carrefour Group: Growth Management. IESE Publishing F-909-E

The MBO of Hoffmann Saveurs IESE Publishing F-927-E

Solomon Corporation Investments: Divestment of a Real Estate Portfolio IESE Publishing F-0943-E

The IPO of Xiaomi Inc. Financing the growth of a tech giant IESE Publishing

Payout Policy at eBay Inc.: Activist Investor Asks for Change IESE Publishing F-960-E

Project Evaluation IESE Publishing FN-650-E

Shell: Green Finance and Sustainability Challenges: Activist Investor Demand to Split the Company IESE Publishing F-991-E