“Innovation & Disruption”, Global Energy Day 2021

The goal of the Energy Club at IESE is to raise awareness and engage with the energy sector among the IESE community and beyond. Our annual Global Energy day is the main event of the year and we are proud to announce a very interesting line-up for this year’s event. The online format of the event allowed us to get an even more impressive group of speakers and invite a wider group of people. The day will be a mix of thought-provoking panel discussions and an interactive networking session where we will discuss some current hot topics in the energy sector.

Emmanuel Lagarrigue, the Chief Innovation Officer and member of the Executive committee at Schneider Electric will kick-off the event with a keynote speech on innovation in the energy sector. Emmanuel and Schneider Electric are leading the charge to a sustainable, decentralized, electric future. This is not only necessary for our planet but it is also a big business opportunity as the world will consume three times as much electricity in the next 20 years as we consume today.

Following the keynote address, we will have our first panel which will discuss the current state of the energy industry and the forecasted clean energy transition. Expect an exciting discussion on the impact of COVID and the role of the “Green New Deal” in Europe on the energy transition, and also insights on the promises of China and the Biden administration with regards to reaching carbon neutrality in the near future. Espen Mehlum from the WEF and Tijs Beek from Shell are joining us for this panel, to be moderated by Prof. Massimo Maoret (IESE).

In the second panel, we will take a deep dive in the supply side challenges and opportunities for the coming decades. Have we reached “peak-oil” and what are the prospects for renewable energy in the coming decade? How can we ensure grid stability with an increasing share of renewables and what role will hydrogen play in the near future? Tom Greatrex (CEO Nuclear Association and Shadow Minister of Energy in the UK), David Mesonero (Corporate Development at Iberdrola and ex-Siemens Gamesa), and Xavier Rousseau (SNAM and ex-McKinsey) have deep insights in these topics which will make for a great panel moderated by Martha Vasquez (Associate Director at BCG).

To make the most of the digital setting, we will host networking sessions after the second panel where we will split into small groups of 5 attendees and a facilitator to discuss some of the burning topics that the industry is facing. This is not only a great way to learn and share knowledge but also an opportunity to get to know colleagues with the same interests.

Memories of GED 2019, even though we can’t meet in person this year we hope the networking sessions will help us to connect with other colleagues and experts in the industry.

We close the day with a lively discussion on the demand side drivers that we can pull to accelerate the transition. Changing the way we consume our energy and increasing the efficiency of this consumption has massive potential. By simply adopting cost-effective energy efficiency options currently available, the energy consumption of developed countries could be reduced by 50%. Not only energy efficiency but also the new role of consumers will change the energy landscape. Think about the future role of electric cars as decentralized energy storage or the opportunities to leverage digital to change the demand patterns of big industrial players. This and a lot more will be discussed with Eliano Russo (Head of e-Industries at Enel X), Jordi Garcia (VP Digital Power Products at Schneider Electric), and Tim Heal (Director of Strategy at Octopus Energy), moderated by Marco Arcelli (CEO EP Global Commerce, ex-Enel). 

For me personally, I really enjoyed organizing this event together with my colleagues Anna, Inese, Jordan and Bartosz supported by the entire IESE Energy club. It shows how much we can accomplish as a club when supported by the IESE community.

Want to be part of the discussion? Register here and make sure to share the invitation with your network! We look forward to seeing you online!

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