Meet our MBA Class of 2022! Part III of III

The IESE Class of 2022 is truly an exceptional one, having chosen to undertake their MBA during one of the most disruptive and volatile periods of their lifetimes. In the midst of all the uncertainties, at IESE we have remained steadfast in our mission to bring together 350+ talented professionals and prepare them to be impactful and future ready leaders. Let’s meet some of our MBA 22 students in this three part post. Here, they share what activities they are excited for in the coming year and give a glimpse of what IESE MBA student life is all about.

Which clubs or activities are you looking forward to the most?

Lilian Kitamura (Brazil): My first impression is that IESE clubs are very well organized and they are offering many interesting events and activities. I have participated in almost all the events from Consulting, Women in Business (WIB), and Latam clubs. I look forward to the next events, especially the Latam Career Fair, in which we will have the opportunity to connect with many Latam companies. Also, the ones from WIB because they have organized the series “Men as Allies”, which I think is a very important movement to engage men in the discussion of gender equality and it is a topic that I’m always looking to learn more about.

Ankit Nayal (China/India): I am really interested in being a part of the Responsible Business Club, Startup & Entrepreneurship Club and the Sports and Media Club. I have also organized an informal workout club with over 150 students where I use my background to organize health-based events for them every week.

Nino Eradze (Georgia): As the 1st year director at Fintech Club, I am looking forward to work with the club members to arrange a number of career fairs and connect with relevant Fintech companies on recruiting opportunities for IESE students. I am also the member of Consulting, Finance, Technology and Woman in Business clubs. What I enjoy most about being part of these clubs is that you can network with 2nd years, who were in your shoes just a year ago, giving useful advice and share necessary contacts that might help you in reaching your career goals. There is a number of interesting events and case competitions that these groups are organizing all the time and such initiatives add even more value to the challenging, yet exciting life of IESE MBA student.

Mitali Gadekar (India): I’m looking forward to being a part of the Tech Club, Consumer Goods Club and the Startup & Entrepreneurship Club as these are areas where I want to explore my future career options. I also love wine and the Wine Club has some exciting upcoming activities that I want to be involved in. I want to pick up badminton again via the Badminton Club and look into the Mental Health & Well Being Club, which is one of the newest clubs on campus!

Stephanie Chioh (Singapore): One of the activities which I am looking forward to the most would be to support the TEDxIESE committee to bring back TEDx to IESE Business school in spring’21, after two long years! The theme for the conference is “The Future of Relationships” – a topic which is definitely relevant and relatable to many people given the current COVID situation and us having to constantly adapt to changes to continue maintaining relationships as best as we can.

Awethu Kafu (South Africa): I am really looking forward to the activities of the Women in Business Club because I am passionate about increasing the percentage of females participating in the typically male-dominated financial services sector. I am also looking forward to the great pipeline of activities planned by the African Business Club, the Sailing Club as well as the Wine Club.

JeongHun Paik (South Korea): Definitely the Consulting club, the 2nd years have given so much that I would love to participate to do the same for IESE MBA Class of 2023. Exchange programs and career treks are also very interesting, in particular, I am looking forward to participating fully, even if it is in virtual format, the Dubai Consulting Trek.

Alexander Biehl (United States): IESE does not lack any club in which you would want to get involved! For me, I am excited to get involved with the Private Equity & Venture Capital club. Since my post-MBA goal is private equity, I have found immeasurable benefit from what the club has offered even within the first month – model training, interview prep, networking tips and mentorship. Outside of professional clubs, I am involved in the Football (Soccer) Club, and I have already taken advantage of several Sunday pick-up games to stay active and provide yet another opportunity to get to know my classmates.

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