Meet our MBA Class of 2022! Part I of III

The IESE Class of 2022 is truly an exceptional one, having chosen to undertake their MBA during one of the most disruptive and volatile periods of their lifetimes. In the midst of all the uncertainties, at IESE we have remained steadfast in our mission to bring together 350+ talented professionals and prepare them to be impactful and future ready leaders. Let’s meet some of our MBA 22 students in this three part post. 

Why did you choose IESE?

James Ward (Australia): I had the specific goal of attending an academically rigorous 2 years program (preferably using the case method) with a strong reputation and post-MBA recruiting opportunities, whilst being surrounded by a diverse class that accurately reflects the world outside the classroom. IESE delivers on all of these like no other school can – it really is unique. But my mind was made up after attending an Open day; participating in class, interacting with current students and alumni, then hearing the faculty and admissions team talk passionately about their mission. Having attended similar days at major programs around the world, I knew that if I was going to spend 2 years of my life being shaped professionally and personally by a certain environment and the people within it, I wanted it to be IESE. For these reasons, IESE was the only business school that I applied to.

Sarah Zou (Canada): People are often surprised to find out that IESE was the only MBA program I applied to, but to me the choice was obvious. From the first MBA fair I attended in Toronto, the people I met from IESE felt like old friends. They spoke enthusiastically about the case method, multi-culti, their classmates from all over the world, and more importantly how many cherished memories they took with them in addition to the new careers they are now in. This theme carried on with each faculty member I met, who also really took the time to get to know me beyond my CV. When I finally visited the beautiful campus in Barcelona, I knew there was nowhere else I’d rather be.

Wurihan Zhuerqin (China): 2 simple reasons. #1 Supportive culture: an MBA is more than just a degree and is a way to accelerate one’s career progression. We are joining a community, and hence the supportive culture of IESE alumni and faculty is super attractive. #2 Impact: IESE has a good reputation and strong connections in the European market that will enable graduates to drive positive impact via their future job placements.

Marvin Wenzel (Germany): Because of the culture at IESE. Its mission focusses on developing leaders that strive to have a deep, positive and lasting impact on the world. The magnitude of this statement became quite clear at the Open day and Assessment day in Barcelona. Within these 2 days, I have made strong connections with fellow applicants that had impressive stories to tell. I immediately knew that I want to get my MBA at a school, that attracts this kind of individuals. I even decided not to apply anywhere else. (And no – IESE did not make me say this).

Karnica Tejpal (India): I was young when I realized that adding value to my community – my country – is what drives me. Later, it was clear that an MBA was essential for my growth. Impact is an ethos on which IESE is founded, this resounds in each aspect from its unparalleled diverse cohort to its immersive pedagogy. This gave me the confidence to choose IESE in my journey and develop into the leader and person I want to be.

Koji Ozawa (Japan): I have pursued my MBA for 3 reasons: #1 acquire general business management knowledge and decision-making ability, #2 expose myself to diversity and train soft skills and #3 reflect on my career development and acquire internship experiences. IESE offers almost everything I have expected for my MBA: general management focus, interactive case-method class, diversity (nationality & professional background), intense team learning (everyday team meeting), 2 year program (internship opportunity) and a great place to spend my life in – Barcelona. IESE is the best school which fully matches what I am looking for.

Chuks Umeche (Nigeria): I will summarise this in three words “The Happy Family”. The culture and mission of an institution is not what you read in their respective publications (i.e. what they imagine or intend it to be) but the experience you have when interacting with the multiple facets of the company.

At every touchpoint – alumni, current students, faculty and the admissions team, I could see a community that felt like a happy family. In a happy family, there is love, a sense of belonging, a sense of support for you to become all you can be, to achieve the dreams you thought were impossible, to pull resources to change your world (starting from the neighborhood to the larger society), to have the freedom to find your unique contribution while not forgetting the openness to support everyone else to become all they can be. The mantra “A way to learn, a mark to make, a world to change” comes alive in IESE and like a happy family, IESE does well while doing good.

Finally, IESE attracts a diverse candidate pool from the broader EMEA region and provides an opportunity to learn about their markets and build relationships that I could leverage during the course of my career. The cohort is about 85% international from over 55 countries which span the most important global markets.

Ellynn Mahe (Peru): In the world of business, it is easy to get lost between the financial results and the business goals frenzy. However, a humane leader is the one who remembers that each decision taken impacts other people’s lives. This is the kind of leader I wanted (and still want) to become. Hence, opting for IESE was an easy decision after I met four IESE alumni – two of them were my bosses.

Meet more MBA 22 students in our next post and learn about what their first term has been like!

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