Meet our MBA Class of 2022! Part II of III

The IESE Class of 2022 is truly an exceptional one, having chosen to undertake their MBA during one of the most disruptive and volatile periods of their lifetimes. In the midst of all the uncertainties, at IESE we have remained steadfast in our mission to bring together 350+ talented professionals and prepare them to be impactful and future ready leaders. Let’s meet some of our MBA 22 students in this three part post. Here, they share their first term experience.

How has the first term been?

Justo Gomez (Argentina): First term has been very challenging. There’s a lot of things going on: academics, networking, social life. It’s key to prioritize and maintain focus on your objectives, keeping the right balance, enjoying the MBA social life and taking advantage of the classes…they have been great so far.

Sandra Weber (Austria): The first day on campus was truly inspiring. Having the opportunity to meet my classmates after having only interacted with them on Zoom, and then being able to kick-off the case methodology in-person meant a great deal. Using the case method offers an incredible approach to tackle cases with a global mindset based on our diverse backgrounds while making for a varied and vibrant discussion.

Li Feng (China): Legend has it that it’s intense. I doubted it before I came here. But the legend has it right. It is indeed super intense: 3 cases a day, extra-curriculum readings, career development sessions, club events, social events etc. Hardest of all, I have to adjust my pace and try to make the most out of every single day at school. Sometimes, I felt overwhelmed, trying to get a taste of everything, but it is really cool because I am learning new things everyday.

Ambar Chandra Sinha (India): 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye! From a summer packed with prep work followed by a month-long online sessions, the term has been intense yet exciting. While it was a little overwhelming to be juggling classes, cases and recruiting at first, having a phenomenal team is helping me navigate through it more efficiently.

Margaret Salazar (Philippines): First term has been very overwhelming, but in the most amazing way! Everything about it has been even better than I imagined – the classes, the professors, the students, and the city. The case study method is no joke too. It’s truly helping me grow in the way I communicate and the way I think. IESE has also really helped me focus on my career and academic goals, with all the events and clubs it offers.

Woochul Hong (South Korea): The storm has blown over. It was demanding, however I found that professors and case study method are much more fantastic than I expected. I truly understood why IESE is one of the top business schools in the world. My classmates are another perfect part of IESE. People are smart, kind and cheerful. It is awesome. It would be a much better experience if we could fully enjoy our life, without the COVID-19 pandemic.

Garine Arabian (UAE): So far, the first few weeks of the first term were full of excitement and hard work. The first week I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed, but at the same time, I was super excited to finally start my MBA journey with 350+ diverse classmates. I am now enjoying class discussions, learning from my professors and peers and shaping my way of thinking to find creative ways in approaching problems every single day. I am positively shocked by the amount of work this program requires and I am confident that Garine 2 years from now will be a better, stronger and more resourceful person compared to Garine today.

Andrea Cyganiak (United States): My journey began with intensive 2.5 hour/day Business Spanish Program (BSP) courses, which were very beneficial for so many reasons, as well as an excellent way to meet new classmates. Followed by intensive Communications and Career Preparation, where I met some of my favorite people at IESE (3V3)! Now, we are onto case work and team projects. I am learning to manage my time, which is the most difficult part.

Find out what are some of our students’ interests and what activities they will be getting involved with in the next and final post!

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