TEDxIESEBarcelona: The Power of a Good Story

Through the use of magic, Mariano Torrente (MBA 2016) gets his point across at TEDxIESEBarcelona that extraordinary things can happen to us every day.

Walk into Wallkill Correctional, a medium-security prison in in the remote city of Shawangunk (New York State). Continue on through its gloomy corridors and you’ll come across a group of 50 inmates. Your mission? To convince them that they could become “the richest people in the world.”

How likely is it, that faced with a challenge of this magnitude, you find out many years later, one of those inmates was so inspired by you that went on to rebuild his life, become an upstanding citizen – and successful businessman?

This is the true story of Vincent Ogutu, professor and vice dean of executive education at Strathmore Business School in Kenya.

It was his goal to make an emotional connection with those prisoners – make them understand that what makes a person “truly rich” are qualities like humility, strength and patience. This speech would later translate into a miracle in the life of one of the inmates.

Ogutu demonstrated the same capacity to connect with people – an audience of more than 300, some via livestreaming, at the first edition of the TEDxIESEBarcelona, organized by students of the IESE MBA Innovation Club.

Eight other speakers also demonstrated the power of a good story to transmit – as the TEDslogan puts it – “ideas worth spreading.”

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