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It is my pleasure to welcome you to IESE’s Full-Time MBA Blog!

Some time ago, we began thinking of ways to better engage with prospective students and members of the IESE MBA community and came up with an exciting idea: why not create a blog that brings together the voices of current students, faculty, staff and the MBA director? This didn’t seem like a bad idea at all, so we got to work.

Doing an MBA is a very serious thing given the amount of time, energy, and money one has to invest. The payoffs can be great if you choose the right program, but it is not always easy to know what each MBA program is about. From a distance, they may look quite alike and seemingly only differ in length and location. But there is much more to each program that you need to discover. Only then will you know whether a program is the right fit for you.

This blog will address all sorts of issues related to our Full-Time MBA. We will answer frequently asked questions and provide information on the program. Subjects such as class profiles, Career Services, Barcelona, and MBA events will be at the core of our posts. All of this is meant to better inform everybody interested in the MBA: current, former, and prospective students.

Please feel free to join the conversation, ask whatever is on your mind, and tell us what you think about the project. I hope to incorporate your feedback as part of the ongoing development of the blog.

Happy reading!

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Professor of Managerial Decision Sciences and Associate Dean for MBA Programs

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