Exploring Tomorrow’s Leaders: IESE Master in Management International Module in New York

As part of the IESE Master in Management program, students recently embarked on an exhilarating journey to the lively metropolis of New York City. This international module, held in March 2024 on the vibrant Manhattan IESE campus, proved to be an immersive experience, blending academic rigor with cultural exploration and professional networking.

Nearly 100 students, converged to delve into a diverse range of topics essential for tomorrow’s leaders. The curriculum was meticulously crafted to encompass cutting-edge subjects such as artificial intelligence (AI), the evolving and dynamic metaverse, blockchain technology, and digital marketing innovations. Through interactive lectures, workshops, and discussions, students gained invaluable insights into the latest trends shaping various industries.

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Beyond the learnings in the classroom, the experience extended to the heart of New York City’s rich cultural heart. Students had the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks such as the Museum of Modern Art, immersing themselves in artistic expression and cultural heritage. Additionally, the enchanting world of Broadway was present, with a special visit to the Harry Potter musical adding a touch of magic to the experience.

One of the highlights of the module was an exclusive networking session with distinguished IESE alumni. This gathering facilitated meaningful connections that transcended continents and industries, offering students a glimpse into the global professional landscape and fostering invaluable mentorship opportunities.

Marta Martínez Rodes, a student who participated in the MiM NY Module, shared her perspective on the transformative experience:

“The MiM NY Module has been instrumental in equipping me with invaluable insights into cutting-edge technologies. This enriching experience has broadened my understanding of the dynamic business landscape, from mastering digital marketing strategies to exploring artificial intelligence applications. Delving into blockchain, Bitcoin investments, and the emerging Metaverse as part of the module has provided me with a deeper comprehension of financial technologies.”

In essence, the IESE Master in Management International Module in New York exemplifies the program’s commitment to nurturing future leaders with a global mindset. By seamlessly integrating academic excellence with real-world immersion, this module empowers students to navigate the complexities of the modern business environment with confidence and foresight. As the world continues to evolve, IESE remains at the forefront, shaping the leaders who will drive innovation and progress in the years to come. Go MiM Go!


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