Empowering Excellence: IESE Young Women in Business Panel shares Inspiring Journeys

Last week, IESE Business School in Madrid hosted a transformative event, the “Young Women in Business Panel”, an evening that illuminated the diverse and brilliant journeys of six accomplished female leaders.

A Celebration of Brilliance and Diversity:

The event was graced by six remarkable women, each with a unique and impressive career trajectory spanning various industries. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of Garine Arabian, Uyi Oigiagbe, Cristina Martin Romano, Yuyan Lai, Marta Teixeira, and Anna Francesca Palacios showcased the brilliance that young female leaders bring to the professional landscape. Their stories painted a vivid of challenges and preferred moments while studying at IESE, offering a roadmap for those aspiring to make a mark in their respective fields.



Holistic Growth and Personal Development:

The panelists, all IESE alumni, emphasized the profound impact of the MiM/MBA programs not just on their careers but, more significantly, on their personal growth. They shared insights on cultivating a global mindset, navigating career paths with positivity, fostering collaboration in diverse teams, practicing empathy, believing in oneself, and always being kind to one another. IESE’s commitment to providing a holistic education that extends beyond academic excellence was a recurring theme, with the highly dynamic and hands-on case methodology earning praise. Case methodology and every favorite case was recalled by the panelists, who vividly remembered all of the cases that made an impact on them.

Prof. Villamor thoroughly explained from the Professor perspective.



Creating an Atmosphere of Inspiration:

The event was attended by 45+ ambitious young women from diverse corners of the world, eager to explore possibilities in the business world. Their intelligent and practical questions added depth to the panel, creating a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. The collective energy in the classroom served as a powerful source of inspiration for all of us.


The Role of Mentorship and Community:

The panel discussion underscored the critical role of mentorship in personal and professional growth. Navigating uncertainties and leveraging IESE’s extensive network were highlighted as key elements in achieving personal and professional goals. The importance of creating a supportive community was palpable, with attendees and panelists alike expressing gratitude for the inclusive environment and highlighting the importance of Networking.


Gratitude and Acknowledgments:

A heartfelt thank you was extended to the panelists, who were commended for generously sharing their experiences, and Professor Isabel Villamor, as the host, was recognized for steering the discussion towards open dialogue and inspiration.


The “Young Women in Business Panel” organized by IESE Business School transcended its role as an event; it became a catalyst for empowerment, inspiration, and connection. The celebration of brilliance and diversity, coupled with insights into holistic growth and the importance of mentorship, solidified IESE’s commitment to shaping well-rounded leaders. As the organizers, MiM Admissions is proud to have played a part in creating an evening that not only provided valuable insights but also strengthened a community of ambitious and empowered women ready to make a lasting impact on the world. IESE continues to be a beacon of excellence, nurturing the next generation of leaders who will shape the future of business with brilliance, resilience, and kindness.



  1. What an incredible event! Reading about the “Young Women in Business Panel” at IESE Business School was truly inspiring. It’s heartening to see the celebration of brilliance and diversity, with accomplished female leaders sharing their unique journeys. The emphasis on holistic growth, personal development, and the role of mentorship resonates deeply. Kudos to the panelists and Professor Isabel Villamor for creating an atmosphere of inspiration. IESE’s commitment to shaping well-rounded leaders is evident, and the impact on the community is commendable. Looking forward to more empowering events like these.

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    IESE Business School’s “Young Women in Business Panel” was truly an inspiring celebration of brilliance and diversity. The stories shared by Garine Arabian, Uyi Oigiagbe, Cristina Martin Romano, Yuyan Lai, Marta Teixeira, and Anna Francesca Palacios highlighted the incredible journeys of female leaders across various industries. Their experiences not only shed light on the challenges they faced but also served as a source of guidance and motivation for aspiring leaders. Kudos to IESE for empowering excellence and fostering a platform for women to shine in business.

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