Navigating the IESE Career Forum on March 4-5

IESE, through the Career Development Center, has hosted the MiM Career Forum on March 4th and 5th on Madrid Campus, and March 11th and 12th Online. More than 35 companies have joined this adventure: networking, and connecting with the brilliant young professionals our MiM students are. It has been an incredible opportunity to explore new companies and refine their career goals.

The MiM Cohort 2024 have embarked on a journey to explore the myriad career opportunities awaiting them. They have taken the time to clarify their career objectives, delving into what aspects resonated with them and what didn’t quite align. Along the way, they discovered new and innovative companies that could potentially be the perfect fit for their aspirations.

As the MiM students navigated through this exploration, actively collected information that will not only enrich their understanding of different career paths but also serve as valuable content for their cover letters and interviews. Uncovered the nuances that set each company apart and gained insights into how they can effectively position their selves in the competitive job market.


By understanding what resonates with them, MiMs will be able to tailor their search and focus on opportunities that align with their values and professional goals.


Congratulations to the Career Development Center for such amazing experience you have marvelously pulled off. Amazing Event!



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