Influencer Tool

> Return to the #80 Newsletter If are looking to uncover and track trends in a particular sector or discipline, you should try out Marketline’s influencers tool, which is perfect for finding the leading social media influencers and publications in various sectors. The Influencer tool is based upon two main stages of Influencer identification, followed by analysis of the topics and level of influence of this group. In the second and…

The Pudding

> Return to the #80 Newsletter Founded in January 2017, The Pudding is a digital publication that explains ideas debated in popular culture with visual essays. By wielding original datasets, primary research, and interactivity, The Pudding tries to thoroughly explore and break down complex topics. For a taster, check out the Best Year in Music, a journey through every billboard top 5 hit to find music’s greatest era. You’ll love it!

Business Plan Export

> Return to the #80 Newsletter Need to create a business plan? Statista’s new “Business Plan Export” Expert Tool can help you create your own business plan in 3 steps. The tool allows you to model markets, although for the moment Statista only focuses on consumer and digital markets. That is expected to change. Drawing from more than 1.4 million data points, the tool is a rich source of information for…

Four Essays on Capability Investment Decision-Making

> Return to the #80 Newsletter Susanne Koster recently defended her dissertation titled “Four Essays on Capability Investment Decision-Making”. She investigated the important decisions that large firms face when deciding which new technologies to invest in to respond to the technological challenges shaking the industry. She collected a detailed dataset on the corporate venture capital investments and the technology licensing deals of firms in the chemical and the pharmaceutical industry. The…

Best Summer Reading

> Return to the #80 Newsletter Summer is a great time for book lovers to catch up on their reading. The Library’s 2019 Summer Reading List is brimming with many of the latest business best-sellers. Find a selection of refreshing stories about business success to inspire new generations of leaders, entertaining and enlightening books on the trends that are radically transforming business or inspirational tomes on the potential for human progress….