Greece: a quick summary

The recent victory of the leftist party Syriza and the defiant attitude of its Government towards its lenders (EU, BCI and IMF, the so called troika) has thrust Greece into the headlines once again. Here we look at the numbers (from Eurostat, 2013), the problems and the negotiation alternatives of both sides – the Greek […]

Greece: Citizens and Debt

Syriza’s victory was received as a victory for Europe’s generous and compassionate South, versus the stingy and vengeful North. We have no way of knowing if the South would have behaved better than the North if it had found itself in the role of creditor, nor are we entirely certain that the “slap in the […]

Chilean Elections and Social Inequality

Last month I went to Chile to vote in the national presidential election held on Nov 17.  This was the second time that I voted in my country.  The previous one was years ago, when Pinochet asked Chileans to vote “yes” or “no” as to whether they supported his brutal regime against the United Nations’ […]

Economic Policies Move in Cycles

To say that the economy moves in cycles doesn’t seem like a great discovery at this point. But here I am referring to the cycles that occur in economic policies. They are not new. In the 70s it seemed that inflation was inevitable and necessary to reduce unemployment, but then we had the worst of […]