Zombies: Financial and Industrial

The current crisis has brought the old word “zombie” back into fashion. Originated  in some black African cultures and associated today mostly with Haitian customs, “zombie” usually designates a dead person brought back to life by means of what one calls black magic or, more precisely, its lowest form, necromancy, a time-reviled practice. Economic zombies, […]

Towards a re-balanced China

Since the start of the opening-up and reform period in 1978, the rest of the world has been stupefied by China’s long period of very high growth. Now all we hear about is that growth is slowing down. Further, this time the chinese authorities are not offsetting the slowdown by large fiscal and monetary stimuli: […]

Economists: adventures and misadventures

Economists have been in great demand since the beginning of the crisis. This, by the way, was a welcome change, since in the preceding years, those that are now called ‘The Great Moderation’, people did not know what to do with us. We went on, year after year, drawing the same diagrams on the blackboard, […]